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Founded in 2014, the Puerto Rican Telecommunications Alliance (PRTA) represents telephone, internet, data, and television service companies, as well as providers that are part of the telecommunications industry in Puerto Rico.

PRTA members offer services for residential and business customers in wireless and wired telecommunications, broadband internet access, television services, data networks, cloud services and related information services. In addition, we have service providers such as builders and operators of communications infrastructure networks, including towers, small cells and fiber, among other suppliers. This includes:

more than 700,000 fixed connections, 3.4 million wireless connections and 1.8 million Internet access points.

PRTA member companies provide advanced communication services of the highest quality, to guarantee local, national, and global connectivity through a robust infrastructure.

We are an association comprised of private telecommunication companies that serve our clients and Puerto Rico. We deliver loyal competition, foster a service of excellence and advocate for an optimum setting for the industry’s growth.

To promote multinational and native companies’ private capital investment that meets Puerto Rico’s telecommunication needs and to contribute to our island’s economic growth. All the while guarding that the government acts as a facilitator rather than as a competitor of the private sector.

Lcda. Wanda Pérez-Álvarez, President
Enrique Ortiz de Montellano, Secretary
Pedro Andrés-López, Treasurer
María Virella
Felipe J. Hernández
Gino Villarini
Andrés M. Ramos
Víctor J. Suárez Mercado
Rhadamés O. Alberti, representing the Junior Chapter

Denise M. Berlingeri-Rivera, Esq
Executive Director


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